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Media Meets Literacy in Sarajevo
Information, disinformation, civic competences.
Exploring the challenges of the rapidly changing media world
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21 & 22 September 2017
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Terms and Conditions: MMLS, September 19-22, 2017

§ 1. General terms

1. Media Meets Literacy in Sarajevo (“MMLS”) is organized by Evens Foundation with its seat in Belgium, Stoopstraat1, B-2000 Antwerp (“Organizer”).

2. MMLS will be held in Sarajevo, starting with Propaganda Lab (starting 19 September 2017 at 2pm until 20 September until 4pm and continuing with main Conference (starting 21 September 2017 at 9am till 22 September at 1.30pm).

3. Within the framework of the MMLS, Speakers presentations, panel discussions and workshop sessions will be held.

4. The official internet website of the MMLS is at https://mediameetsliteracy.eu/.

5. The Organizer will prepare photo and video documentation of the MMLS. The Organizer will undertake best efforts not to include in the documentation Participants who declare such wish – such persons are requested to contact the Organizer. Images and other personal information that will be included in the documentation will be distributed and processed to the extent permitted by the applicable law (eg. The rules allow for the dissemination of the image of a person who is merely a detail of the total).

§ 2. Terms of participation

1. Due to space limitations and security regulations at the Venues, the number of Participants is limited. Places are available on the “first come first served” basis. Registrations for the Conference should be submitted at: https://mediameetsliteracy.eu/contact/register/, and for the Propaganda Lab at https://mediameetsliteracy.eu/contact/propaganda/.

2. The deadline for accepting Registrations is September 4th, 2017. The deadline will be shortened if the limit of Participants is reached earlier, and this shall be communicated on the MMLS website.

3. Participation in Media Meets Literacy conference is free of charge. Participation in Propaganda Lab is free of charge only for those who are registered to and will attend Media Meets Literacy conference. In other case, Propaganda Lab fee is 150 Euro. The Organizer may award a travel grant to participants of Propaganda Lab on the principles laid down in separate Terms and Conditions.

4. Participants are allowed to attend presentations, discussion panels, and breakout sessions. Participation in breakout sessions is possible on the “first come first served” basis. Any changes in this area require the consent of the Organizer.

5. Participants and Speakers may resign from attending the MMLS by informing the Organizer in writing or electronically using e-mail provided at the MMLS website.

6. The current agenda of the Conference is at: https://mediameetsliteracy.eu/. The agenda is subject to change.

§ 3. Partners

1. The Organizer notifies Partners that they may not engage in marketing activities towards MMLS Participants that are unethical, illegal or contrary to good morals.

2. In consultation with the Organizer, Partners may present their logos using media provided to that end at the Venue.

§ 4. Complaints

1. Any complaints related to the MMLS may be filed via email to addresses enlisted on the Conference website: https://mediameetsliteracy.eu/practicalities/ or to the address: mml//evensfoundation/be.

2. The complaint should include data that allows to identify the complaining person, and it should indicate the basis for the complaint together with reasoning.

3. Complaints shall be processed without undue delay. Results will be communicated to the address of the complaining person indicated in the complaint.

§ 5. Final clauses

1. The Organizer is the controller of the personal data processed in relation to the organization of the MMLS. The data is processed in order to organize the MMLS. Data subject have the right to access the data and correct them.