Evens Foundation
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Media Meets Literacy in Sarajevo
Information, disinformation, civic competences.
Exploring the challenges of the rapidly changing media world
Previous conference: MMLW 2015 #MMLS2017
21 & 22 September 2017
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The following breakout sessions are fully booked:
How to Read World with Images – Visual Literacy in the New Media Age.,
Fake News & European public: How to stand up to disinformation?,
Media Information/Disinformation & Popular Culture: youtubers, influencers and vloggers and their impact on media (education) world,
New Media and Technology – Driving and Enhancing Social Change.

The following breakout sessions are fully booked:
Building Trust in Journalism: How Ethical Media Can be an Inspiration for Responsible Communications,
Factchecking, IT Tech and Civic Engagement Against Disinformation.

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